STEVE FELTHAM, fulltime Loch Ness

monster hunter since 1991

on  Dores beach, Loch Ness.



steve is having problems with his emails
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Loch Ness Monster hunter Steve Feltham wins tourism award


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Many people ask me why i do what i do,
This short interview from the BBC's "one show"
explains it very well with lovely pictures in 3 1/2 minutes
thanks to Steve Hall who put this up on my Facebook group, because id forgotten about it !!


last night 04/02/2016 Steve gave an in depth interview to
Graham Torrington @ BBC radio Nottingham
This 20 minute interview gave him a chance to explain
what motivates him to do what he does, going right back
to the age of 7. Well worth a listen



I am adding a new line to my nessie models
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for one of the worlds last great mysteries,
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Nessie Hunter coffee mugs
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This is an interesting article from Germany

Steve Feltham: Der Monsterjäger von Loch Ness



Hi & welcome,
with all the media speculation about what might
or might not be in Loch Ness, & all the rumours flying
around about my intentions I though it was time for me
to make things clear.
This is from the horses mouth, you heard it here first.

Please watch my video reply below

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below is a very entertaining interview with Sky news




Nessie and me

Steve gave up his girlfriend,
 his house and his job to search for the Loch Ness monster.  21  years on, does he have any regrets? 
read more








Steve's latest appearance on the
USA tv show "in search of Aliens"
it offers an interesting twist
on the Loch Ness mystery !


Steve's  appearance
BBC 1, one show, April 2013
This interview is beautifully shot
watch it here

Scotland Tonight - Nessie hunter claims monster picture is a fake


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